Converting Finaplix into Tren

4Gram finaplix kit with 1 Component TH-Belt (or two regular finaplix-H cartridges can be used)

Finaplix-H Cartridge (10 Dose)
Straighten out a paper clip and push pellets into magic solution
empty fina pellets Pellets in magic solution, let sit over night
dissolve fina pellets Dissolve Pellets, glue and binders at the bottom
seperated fina pellets Take the 5CC syringe and draw out 3-5CC's sterile oil and set a side
add oil to fina pellets Add the rest of the sterile oil to the pellet solution and shake well.
Insert funnel into the empty oil vial and place coffee filter into funnel. Pour solution into funnel and let sit over night to drain
coffee filter finaplix After draining overnight
finaplix gunk Gunk caught by coffee filter
syringe filter
Insert 18G pin into final sterile vial to release the air when inserting the finished product. Attach 18G pin to Whatman filter and insert into vial
heat finaplix
Run solution through a hot tap water bath to reduce the viscosity and allow for ease of filtering.
Whatman filter
Take the 10CC syringe and draw out solution and filter through Whatman filter, you will do this a few times.
finished finaplix
When finished filtering product, take out the 5CC syringe with the 3-5CC sterile oil and filter through the Whatman to filter out any remaining tren in the filter.
final finaplix
Final Product 40ml 100mg/ml
By: Ken Dahl

Finaplix-H, 100 Doses (10 Cartridges)

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